Climate Neutral


Besides planting one tree per day, we have decided to go the extra mile in 2020 by partnering up with Climate Partner.

Despite the constant effort to improve our carbon footprint, we have found it very difficult to offset those emissions that are unavoidable in the short term for any retail company.

So, when we discovered the Climate Neutral Partners, we were fascinated.

In a nutshell, they have calculated the amount of CO2  emissions that The Bam and Boo Toothbrush (roughly) generates every single year during the production process. Plus, they immediately gave us a solution to reduce them. How incredible is that?

The Climate Partner has gathered a different variety of protection projects that not only help to reduce CO2 emissions, but also improve the everyday life in the most needy parts of the world. How? Focusing on schools, income, clean drinking water, nutrition, health, prospects and much more.

During the current year (2020), we’ll support some of the following initiatives:

And, we definitely want our beautiful community to be part of this journey. So, we'll keep you updated! Stay tuned ⚡️

Learn more about ClimatePartner and their projects at

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