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GIFTPACK #5 Eco Family Plus - Bamboo Toothbrush Bam&Boo - Eco friendly, vegan and sustainable

XMAS GIFTPACK🎄 #5 Eco Family Plus

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Looking for a family gift? We've launch this Eco-friendly Family giftpack, the perfect gift for a big family! Offer to the ones who should start its eco-journey :) 

This is a
 LIMITED EDITION for XMAS with a special discount already applied in price.

Free shipping worlwide 📦 CO2-compensated 🌍 We plant one 🌲 per day.


It includes:

- 2 Natural Toothpaste 75 ml

- 4 Bamboo Toothbrushes 

- 1 Bamboo Dental Floss

- 1 Bamboo Straws

- 1 Bamboo Cotton Buds (100un)


Obs: For specific toothbrush colors/bristles request them at the checkout (notes form).


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