How long do bamboo toothbrushes last?

How many years does it take for a plastic toothbrush to decompose? How do you dispose of a bamboo toothbrush? Can bamboo decompose? These are some of the questions we have briefly answered here to keep you committed to your eco-journey.

We can’t get enough of clarifying the importance of taking small steps to make the world more eco-friendly one day at a time. So we are starting a new set of articles called All the Answers based on your most frequent questions. 

1. How long do bamboo toothbrushes last?

Bamboo toothbrushes last 3 to 4 months depending on how you take care of them. 

Because bamboo is an organic material whereas plastic is impenetrable, the duration varies accordingly. In other words, you can toss your plastic toothbrush back to the cup after brushing your teeth, but a bamboo toothbrush needs rinse & dry before storing it. Check our 3 easy tips to take care of your bamboo toothbrush here

And the more you take good care of your bamboo handle and bristles the longer the toothbrush will last looking good. However, we remind you of dentists’ recommendation to replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months.

2. How do you dispose of a bamboo toothbrush?

You have to remove the toothbrush bristles and dispose of the bamboo handle to compost.

But we remind you that you may choose to give a second life to your bamboo toothbrush. Before recycling you can always reuse or upcycle. We are happy to give you some cool ideas here


3. How many years does it take for a plastic toothbrush to decompose?

A plastic toothbrush may take about 1000 years before it finally decomposes, either in the marine environment or in a landfill. 

Believe it or not the first toothbrush ever made in the 1930's is still out there, somewhere. Creepy, isn’t it? Since all sorts of plastic and nylon became the most common and cheap materials, toothbrushes also became indestructible.

Bottom line: when a plastic toothbrush makes its way into the environment, it doesn't ever really break down into natural constituents. It just becomes smaller and smaller pieces of plastic, which often end up in waterways. 

4. How long does a bamboo toothbrush take to decompose?

The decomposition of bamboo toothbrush handles varies between a few weeks to 10 years. It depends on several conditions: soil, temperature and atmosphere.

  • A few weeks - The fastest decomposition requires a local commercial / industrial composter, because they are much hotter and more active than a home composter;
  • 4 to 6 months - In a home composting bin, depending on the composition, the bamboo toothbrush handle will break down quicker if you smash it into small pieces. 
  • Around 5 to 10 years - if you stick the bamboo handle horizontally in the soil or throw it into your garden. 

5. Can bamboo decompose?

Oh yes, bamboo can decompose. 

Bamboo is the most eco-friendly alternative for a toothbrush, because it's a natural plant. This is one of the mais reasons why we love bamboo. 

It is both easily compostable and fully biodegradable, meaning it will break down completely into non-toxic components by natural processes, not harmful to the environment. In short, it is a renewable and sustainable resource. 

Be aware that our bamboo toothbrushes are 96% natural

6. How long does it take for bamboo to grow?

Bamboo can actually grow up to 35 inches (91 cm) per day (or 1,5 inches per hour!). It is ranked as one of the fastest growing plants on Earth.

Some species can reach full maturity in just 90 days and quickly reach heights of over 90 feet (30 meters). Because bamboo plants create all the cells they need to grow when they’re still little buds. So, cells are filled with water and they expand quickly like a balloon. How amazing is this? No wonder bamboo is greener than grass. It is the most eco-friendly and sustainable material.  

7. Is bamboo better than plastic?

Allow us to answer you with a question: Planet or plastic?

Obviously we are strong enthusiasts of bamboo. It is a natural and organic material whereas plastic is synthetic and harmful to the environment.

Read the 3 main reasons to switch from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes here


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